ANZVASC patient webinar 2022

ANZVASC is hosting its annual 2 hour patient webinar on 4th June 2022 at 11am AEST. Talks will be focused on new/emerging therapies in vasculitis, bone health, infections and vaccinations, and psychological support for those with vasculitis. It should be another outstanding session. For those who are interested, the 2021 patient…

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Isolated aortitis – what to do with the unexpected biopsy report

A few times a year we receive a call from our cardiothoracic colleagues to assist with patients who have inflammation in the thoracic aorta. These patients have usually undergone surgery to repair aortic widening (aneurysm). It is not know if these patients are at higher risk of complications after the operation…

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LoVAS: How low can we go with prednisone in ANCA vasculitis?

This is an exciting new trial for patients with newly diagnosed ANCA vasculitis (AAV). Particularly those with a positive MPO antibody. 140 Japanese patients with new onset AAV were enrolled. All patients were treated with Rituximab. Most of them had an MPO antibody and the average age was 73 years. Half…

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ANZVASC patient webinar

The Australian and New Zealand Vasculitis Society (ANZVASC) is hosting a 2 hour patient webinar at 11am on Saturday May 15th. The program is below and you can register here:    

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Chewing gum to help diagnose giant cell arteritis

This week we published work assessing the “chewing gum test” to help diagnose giant cell arteritis (CGT). This test involves a patient chewing gum for 5 minutes as part of the clinical assessment for GCA. Jaw claudication, whereby patients describe pain in the jaw on prolonged chewing, is a typical symptom…

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The value of a careful history and examination to help diagnose GCA

A new systematic review published in JAMA Internal Medicine assesses which clinical features are more strongly associated with a diagnosis of giant cell arteritis. I like this article as it reaffirms the value of a careful patient history and examination. Jaw claudication (pain on chewing), an abnormal temporal artery examination, and…

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